It was a long work week, and all you want is to di its go to sleep. The only problem is that your next-door neighbor is hanging out in the backyard, blasting music while their super loud kids are playing hide and go seek!

Apparently, this is a familiar story in Idaho. According to a new survey, Idaho has the loudest neighbors, with noise volume 15.6% higher than the national average.

What is causing these noise complaints isn't a big surprise. The top answers all involve children. Kids running, jumping, and screaming are the top complaints. Other noises that keep people from their sleep include squeaking pet toys and people doing those weekend warriors DIY projects.

By the way, I'm usually the guy doing the DIY/Home Improvemen*t products at the most inconvenient times. I just feel like I get more done at midnight on some days. Do you agree with this survey? We'd love to hear from you.

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