The race for Idaho's governor is heating up as yet another Republican has thrown their name into the hat for an upcoming May primary.

Controversial candidate and current Lieutenant Governor Janice McGeachin is one of many wanting to sit in the governor's chair within the Republican Party:

Janice McGeachin Campaigns for Idaho Governor

Idaho's Conservative Liuetenant Governor Janice McGeachin tours the state of Idaho battling the Libs.

Of course, another popular name just stepped OUT of the Republican running but hasn't left the race by any means. Ammon Bundy, a well-known political activist who has been criminally trespassed from the Idaho State Capitol more than once is also hoping to be able to work there--as Governor--and an Independent:

Ammon Bundy for Governor Event

Now, the name that many expected would be filing before the deadline--which just happened to be today--has showed up.

Incumbent candidate, Brad Little, has officially filed for reelection per sources at the capitol building this afternoon:

Pictured in above, in his trip the the office of the Secretary of State is Brad Little, his wife, and a photographer.  Little was quoted having said:  

Sorry Lawrence-- not a social hour, but a business trip! 

Many Idaho Democrats have begun to "convert" and register as Republicans in order to vote for most likely, Brad Little, in the Republican primary. Democrats feel that it may be the only way to stop an "alt-right" movement that McGeachin is drumming up. 

We will continue to keep you posted on any updates from Brad Little's campaign and the governors race as a whole. 

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