For those of you who are slightly scarred by how many times you, your family members or friends died from dysentery or typhoid while playing Oregon Trail you may want to skip this one. For those of you with an unquenchable taste for adventure, check this out! 

This unique Airbnb experience actually has nothing to do with the bankers, carpenters or farmers that embarked on their journey west from Independence, Missouri in the video game. The tiny house actually pays homage to Idaho's rich Basque tradition. According to National Geographic, many Basques immigrants proved themselves to be valuable assets to Idaho's booming sheep industry even though not many of them had actually been sheepherders in their native Spain.

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Located in Bannock County, it's perfect for adventure seekers looking to get away and unplug. Located at 5700' elevation, the converted wagon sleeps two on a queen-size memory foam mattress. It also has a pull-out table and built-in benches for dining in the wagon if the feeling is right. Or you can use the adorable propane fire table outside the wagon to roast s'mores and hot dogs under the starry mountain sky.

According to the listing, the stay is very rustic as the wagon doesn't have running water. Restrooms are only available at a new outhouse located just down the small, hilly trail from the wagon.

It's super charming and a great place to escape, but don't just take our word for it! The wagon and it's host, Josi has a perfect 5 star rating on Airbnb. Guests have really enjoyed their stay and Josi's incredible hospitality.

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