Anytime something from the Gem State ends up on a list recognized by a branch of Oprah's empire is big news! Unfortunately, if you didn't get to experience the Idaho based festival that landed on Oprah Magazine's "22 Best Fall Harvest Festivals and Events Across America's" list last year, you'll have to wait a little bit longer.

Last year, the Trailing of the Sheep Festival held in the Sun Valley/Ketchum/Hailey area landed at #16 on that list. If you're not familiar with it the main draw  is watching hundreds of sheep relocate to their winter pasture and they walk right down Main Street throughout Ketchum.

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During the festival, there are other sheep themed events happening throughout the region like tastings of lamb cuisine at restaurants throughout the Wood River Valley, classes teaching people to make everything from scarves to stuffed animals from wool and sheepdog trials. The five day event culminates with the Big Sheep Parade on Sunday afternoon.

Unfortunately, most of the fun has been called off this year thanks to COVID-19. In a press release, the Board of Directors of the Trailing of the Sheep Festival explained they feel a moral obligation to protect the safety of everyone involved in the festival by canceling it.

It wasn't an easy decision to make as the festival helps pump $4.5 million into the Wood River Valley's economy each year. Festival organizers encourage families to try cooking some American lamb at home to celebrate in spirit as the lamb industry was hit really hard while restaurants were forced to close their dining rooms.

They also hope that those living in the three communities the sheep will make their way through will snap lots of photos and create their own memories when they see them passing by.

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