True crime is the "trendy" thing right now, so it seems. Whether it is in the form of a podcast like the way "Serial" got everyone talking years ago or the latest documentary on Netflix. There just seems to be a real interest in crime when it comes to entertainment and honestly, I'm one of the many that you could consider as being "sucked in".

A May 5th deadline is coming up quick for Idahoans to have the opportunity to be paid $2,400 in ONE DAY to binge nothing but true crime--while blogging about it. I love blogging so this is exciting for me!

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MagellanTV is the company looking for candidates willing to stream 24-hours of true crime and it is the second year this offer has been on the table. Last year, $1,000 was awarded.

Winners selected to take part in this crazy crime-watching binge will be viewing:

  • “Great Bank Heists” 53 minutes
  • “Mistress Mercy” 87 minutes
  • “A Shallow Grave” 48 minutes
  • “A Monster Among Us” 48 minutes
  • “Crossbow Killer” 48 minutes
  • “Night Terror” 24 minutes
  • “Murder in Paradise” 46 minutes
  • “Jonestown Paradise Lost” 100 minutes
  • “The Family: Inside the Manson Cult” 91 minutes
  • “The Price of Honor” 109 minutes
  • “Crime Files with David Wilson” 180 minutes
  • “The Great Mint Swindle” 92 minutes
  • “Chain Gang Girls” 135 minutes
  • “Conversations with a Serial Killer” 127 minutes
  • “Psychopath: Redefining Rational” 50 minutes
  • “The Columbine Massacre: In the Killer’s Mind” 51 minutes
  • “Jack the Ripper: Tabloid Killer” 44 minutes
  • “Deadly Dates” 132 minutes

Full disclosure, I'm a huge crime junkie and I don't think that I have ever seen any of these movies or specials before, so--I'll let you know how they are once I'm announced as one of the winners! Fingers crossed!

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