Dear Sneakerhead Scum,
I hope you are embarrassed and absolutely ashamed of yourself. If you wanted the cool vintage Air Jordan Nike Shoes you know what you could have done, rather than threatening and stealing them off of a terrified teenager? Did you ever think, hey those are cool, maybe I should try and pay for them like you told the 17 year old you would do? That is what decent people do, who have morals and a conscience. We work to earn the things we want.

I have an 8 year old boy who got brand new limited edition Air Griffey Max for Christmas. So how low will you go? If you will steal shoes off of a teenager, would you steal them off of a child? I hope being arrested has shaken you enough to change your perspective. That and the $100,000 bond you are being held on in Ada County. That could have paid for a lot of sneakers.

I don't know if you are from the Boise area or moved here from somewhere else but I know I am not alone in saying that you are no longer welcome here in the city, in the Treasure Valley or in the state of Idaho. Get your crappy sneakers and get on out, after you pay the $100,000 each to Ada County. We will put that money to better use than you ever would.

Nikki West
A Boise resident and mother who would have gone crazy mama bear if you did this to my son, you would have been happy that the police saved you from my motherly wrath.

If you want to know more about this story, see Idaho News Channel 2 here...

Also to lighten the mood a bit, I couldn't help but think of this Sex and the City scene where Carry gets her shoes stolen in broad daylight right off of her feet

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