This should make you feel better about swiping right....

According to and SafeWise Idaho comes in at #5 in the Safest States for Online Dating list.

They analyzed the FBI’s cybercrime and violent crime rates per capita for each state, and the CDC’s reported cases of STDs.

Here are the ten safest states in America:

  1. Vermont
  2. Maine
  3. New Hampshire
  4. Utah
  5. IDAHO
  6. Wyoming
  7. West Virginia
  8. Connecticut
  9. Minnesota
  10. New Jersey

Here are the ten most dangerous states:

  1. DC
  2. Alaska
  3. Louisiana
  4. New Mexico
  5. Nevada
  6. South Carolina
  7. Arkansas
  8. Tennessee
  9. North Carolina
  10. Alabama
credit - Christopher Brignell