We all know how the cost of housing continues to rise in Boise and the entire Treasure Valley. There are so many reasons people are moving here, and there's no need to list them all. As many people search for a place to live, it's often finding the right place at a price they can afford that is the biggest hangup.

Last week, as the Power Ball jackpot was reaching record highs, I asked my wife what she would like to do with the money if we won. I thought she'd say that she wanted a new car or a big vacation. Instead, she said that she'd like to buy the apartment complex that we live in.

Buying houses is often discussed. Buying an apartment building isn't. I quickly researched and found that apartment complexes are surprisingly affordable, considering the rising home prices.

Some houses in the Treasure Valley are more expensive than apartment complexes! Below are the apartment complexes currently for sale in the state of Idaho. Maybe you can buy one and become a mogul!

How Much Does It Cost To Buy A Boise Apartment Building?

Instead of buying a house, why not buy an entire apartment complex?

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