Well, here is something that you don't see everyday...or ever, really: Bigfoot. Right? It seems that this storied creature that is allegedly immortal and still walks around the woods of North America always finds a tie to Idaho.

Idaho Bigfoot Encounters That Will Make You Think Twice Before Camping

We found five different encounters with Bigfoot that took place near Boise. Where do you think sasquatch is hiding?

Many could assume it is an online phenomena, this idea of a big hairy ape-man walking through our forests. Toss in our technological advancements and now we have a whole new way to create and modify images.

Some people think that Bigfoot might actually be Ted Cruz! 


Apparently, this idea of Bigfoot goes back much further than any of us ever could have expected, though. 

We came across this really fascinating post within a local history fanatic Facebook group that essentially points to Bigfoot sightings in Idaho--in 1902!  The publication, "Democrat and Chronicle" was out of Rochester, New York and cites the area of Bannock County, Idaho.

Dated on January 29th of 1902, the article describes an "eight foot, hair covered human monster" and even claims that the monster was spotted partying with young people, skating on the river!

You mean to tell us that some young people actually hung out with Bigfoot and never told anyone about it!? Perhaps this is because they didn't have social media back then? By the way, the article also claims that twenty men were sent out to track down and capture the beast.

Did they ever make it back? No word.

Check out this crazy article, below: 

Credit: Leiana Rogers Knight via Idaho State of Mind


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