How much does someone need to earn in Idaho in order to be happy? According to one website, it’s pretty darn high and less than 24 career fields pay that kind of money in Boise. 

That website is GoBanking Rates and they recently updated those numbers for 2022. Their figures are rooted in a study done by Purdue University. Their research looked at the amount of money it takes for someone to reach ideal “life evaluation” (the thoughts one has about their life when they think about it) and emotional well-being (day-to-day emotional experiences.) Nationwide, they found that the number was $105,000. 

Obviously, the cost of living varies from state to state, so GoBanking Rates adjusted that number based on each state’s cost-of-living index. After crunching the numbers, they determined that number for Idaho was $107,205, up over $7,500 from a year ago. 

Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash
Photo by Pepi Stojanovski on Unsplash

So how much of a reality is making that much money in Boise? According to the latest statistics from the Idaho Department of Labor, there are only 24 career fields where the average salary is at or above that number. 

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Boise’s average wage is $49,439. That’s almost $12,000 short of what GoBanking considers a livable wage for Idaho where you can make ends meet, but still have some fun money and money to put into savings. 

So which career fields are making enough to “be happy?” According to the statistics, these are the highest earning jobs in our area. 

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