Production on the new series starts next month and YOUR family could be featured on the show.

Last night while I was waiting for our Instant Pot to get up to pressure, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when a post from "Timber and Love" caught my eyes.  You guys probably know "Timber and Love" better as HGTV's Boise Boys, Clint Robertson and Luke Caldwell.

In their post, the duo announced that they're working on a brand new series featuring families who are living in a house that's just a little too close for comfort. They're cramped. They're outdated. They're downright dysfunctional...for any number of reasons. You may be living in a modern day Brady Bunch situation that recently brought together two families, have kids that just won't leave the nest even though they've got their degrees or found out that the little miracle you're expecting is actually two miracles.

Clint and Luke's goal is to keep these families in their current homes, but give them a serious face lift gives the family a beautiful but functional space with enough room for everyone in the family!

The best part of this series? The guys aren't looking to travel to make these homeowners' dreams come true in Boise. They're only interested in families who live in or neat the Treasure Valley.

Their ideal candidates for the new series are homeowners who are serious about renovating their home and have a minimum renovation budget of $75,000. They must also be willing to move out while the guys work their magic.

Did we just describe your family? Then click HERE to apply!

While you wait to hear back, you can watch all 13 episodes of Boise Boys Season 2 in the HGTV GO App. The episodes were just added and include some bonus episodes that weren't on TV!

If you LOVE what you see on the show, make plans to meet Clint and Luke at Idaho's Largest Garage Sale on Saturday, May 16 at Expo Idaho!

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