Trick-or-treating on Harrison Boulevard. Screaming your lungs out at Haunted World. Getting lost in the maze at the Lowe Family Farmstead. Some Halloween traditions have gone on for decades in the Treasure Valley.

Others are fairly new! After the COVID-19 pandemic ruined Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July and Labor Day 2020, the community was determined to make Halloween memorable one way or another. Harrison Boulevard traded their typical over-the-top trick-or-treat festivities for a decoration scavenger hunt. In Boise’s west end, kids were invited to do a walkabout costume parade and grab pre-wrapped treats from candy stations along the route. 

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But the most creative idea to come from Halloween 2020? It could only be the concept of “Haunted Car Washes.” They were basically a drive-thru, haunted experience full of creepy clowns, fake blood and other Halloween scares. You stayed in your own car, with your own family, got a few screams and left with a clean car. They made a splash and have continued well beyond the end of the pandemic. 

Image via YouTube/Attractions 360
Image via YouTube/Attractions 360

In fact, Bluebird Express Carwash just made the return of their “Tunnel of Terror” official on social media! The two-night engagement is giving you for some good scares for a good cause! It's scheduled for Friday, October 27 and Saturday, October 28 from 7-9 p.m. at their Fairview, Overland and Ontario locations.

For a small “per carload” fee, the costumed characters at the haunted car wash will scare the dirt right off of your vehicle! Attendees stay inside their cars as they move through the haunt. That's the "good scares" part of the event.

The good cause part? Each car wash has selected a non-profit to donate its proceeds to. On Fairview, proceeds will go to Bustin' Out of Boise, a local non-profit that helps fill the gap for women going through cancer treatments. They've assisted with housecleaning services, childcare, food, transportation to appointments and other needs a cancer patient may need to make their journey a little lighter. They've also contributed to some incredible organizations in the Treasure Valley that support women's issues including St. Al's mobile mammography unit, the WCA, and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk.

On Overland, funds will benefit the Idaho Humane Society. In Ontario, funds will be donated to the Four Rivers Cultural Center and Museum. 

If you don't want to wait THAT long to dive head first into Spooky Season, here's a look at some of the other haunted attractions in Boise that are open now and Trunk-Or-Treat events coming up this month! 

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Spooky Season is here and before you know it, the kids will be dressed up in their costumes and on the hunt for their favorite sweets! This is a round-up of Trunk-Or-Treat events currently set for this Halloween season! Click the event for more details about what they have planned. Some have costumed contests. Others have adoptable pets in costume. If you're hosting one and would like to be added to our list click HERE.

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