Never pass up the opportunity to sniff some roses or take a spin on a merry go round with a friend!  If you want to stay young - act younger!  Have some fun just for the fun of it!  Be spontaneous and run barefoot through the grass or swing from the monkey bars!  Don't be afraid to be a dork and take pictures too.

Events such as the Boise Music Festival and carnivals are such a big draw because they give all of us stressed out adults a chance to blow off some steam and be kids again.

So when a friend dropped by last night and said she wanted to take a spin on our neighbor's merry go round I said "Let's go for it!"   We had so much fun laughing...up until Kevin got the merry go round spinning at warp speed and we had to beg him to stop before we either puked or got flung off the darn thing.

Want to know more about why play time is serious stuff for adults?

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