It's really hard to focus on stress and anxiety when there's a cat purring in your ear. Cat purrs and the sound of Bob Ross's voice are two strangely comforting things that we need more of right now.

I heard someone belly laugh the other day and it was like I had discovered five bucks in my pants on the way to the laundry.  It was a silly little happy moment in the midst of a big ole mess of a day, and I wanted more of it.

I don't think we've ever lived in a time that has been more challenging, stressful, and downright weird.  This is all out of our control, and when that happens I just want to throw up my hands and eat lots and lots of peanut butter.  We need happy places right now, and some of those happy places are on a spoon with Goldfish Grahams on top.

I looped around the internet looking for other comforting things and included some of the findings on this list.  If you have more, let me know!

7 Things That Are Incredibly Comforting And We Don't Know Why

1.  Cats purring.  Cats never seem stressed, and the purr is evidence of that.  Rub foreheads with a purring cat, and you will instantly be happier.  The social-distancing rule doesn't apply to cats, so you can really get in there and get some love without worrying about it.

2.  Having someone play with your hair.  It could be a love interest, the gal at the salon that you're paying to do it, or your elementary-aged kiddo that wants to play "beauty school."  Fingers in hair equals instant relaxation.

3.  The cool side of the pillow.  It's that moment when you roll over and stick your hand underneath and catch that fresh, cool underside of the pillow in the palm of your hand.  Maybe some of us have been single too long, but it works.

4.  Voices like Bob Ross, Tom Hanks, and Morgan Freeman.  This might be a good time to put in the Tom Hanks movie as he plays Mr. Rogers, to celebrate Tom's release from the hospital after his bout with COVID-19 and to be soothed by those vocals.  And then watch Morgan Freeman in Driving Miss Daisy to self-soothe some more.

5.  The smell of fabric softener.  Sometimes I'll open a bottle of Downy or Snuggle and stick my nose in it even when I'm not doing laundry.  It smells soft, and that is equal to warm and fuzzy.

6.  Stretching.  A really long, intentional, arms up above your head kind of stretch that makes you want to roar like a lion at the end.  It feels good, and the noise is necessary.  Especially now.  Really let it go.

7.  Favorite foods that your Grandma used to make.  My grandma used to make cinnamon rolls and pies, and her house always smelled like warm sugar.  If I could even get close to that smell in my own kitchen, all would be right with the world.

Candles, a drink of really cold water, and vodka could also make the list, depending on your mood and lifestyle choices.  The point is, comforting things are there for the taking, and most of them are completely free.

So curl up with a cool pillow and a cat, and let yourself have a moment.  You deserve it, and now is the perfect time to get it.

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