Here we go again?  The plot thickened Tuesday when Boise Mayor, Lauren McLean, announced new COVID-19 policies for events this fall, and it felt a little like 2020 might be happening all over again.  But this is why it won't. 

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean said Tuesday that changes are coming this fall for events that are permitted by the city or held in city-owned buildings, and that will include a mask requirement indoors.

Even though COVID cases are spiking, things seem to have shifted away from full on lockdown mode, and instead, the city is trying to manage the situation and offer tweaks to policies to prevent added pressure on hospitals.  KTVB said more than 95 percent of patients who are hospitalized because of COVID now are unvaccinated.  Overall, about half of the population in Idaho is fully vaccinated.

In the mayor's address, regarding permitted events, she said, "Starting Friday, those events must require masks indoors, require masks outdoors if six feet of physical distance can not be maintained, and submit a plan to the city for approval..."

The events will also have to include "COVID-19 Protocol Ambassadors" on-site.  Also, the mayor said all events over 250 people will have to require proof of vaccination or a recent negative COVID test. This does NOT apply to private events, or Boise State football games.

The mayor's mask mandate was lifted in May after case numbers dropped, and she did not reinstate a city-wide mask mandate on Tuesday. The new rules apply only to events this fall that have been permitted by the city, or that are held in city-owned buildings.

It will be interesting to see what parents do once the vaccine is approved for kids 5 to 11, and we're hearing that could happen before Halloween.  I have two girls in that age group and both of them want the vaccine so we're going for it.  One of them may even celebrate her 12th birthday at the pharmacy, and we'll go out for cake afterward.

In the Wendell school district, Wendell Elementary School is closed through Thursday for deep cleaning. The middle school and high school are in session, but the elementary school is closed because they don't have enough adults to teach the kids.  In the Salmon River Joint school district, Riggins Elementary was closed Monday and Tuesday, but it's open today.

There's no need to head to the store to stock up on toilet paper or banana bread mix this fall, but there are some things to know heading in.  Like, thank a nurse!  You guys and girls are amazing.

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