This one phone call could cost you up to $4,000, and it's completely bogus.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office is warning Treasure Valley citizens about the latest phone scam to pop up, and it's a big one. The newest twist is scammers will call you regarding an arrest warrant (which doesn't exist) and ask for payment or funds over the phone to avoid your arrest. It's 100% fake and a total scam.

Police say they'll never call you asking for any kind of payment over the phone. The tricky thing is, scammers are calling from 208 numbers, and even using the names of city authorities to try and trick you. If you actually DO have a warrant out or are summoned to court, you'll receive a notice in the mail. Again, no one from ACSO would ask for any kind of credit card information over the phone. It's simply not something they do.

If you've been a would-be victim of this latest phone scam, please contact the Ada County Sheriff's Office at 377-6790.



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