It's the Holiday season in the Treasure Valley. We're all shopping for gifts for friends and family. On a tight budget, one of the best places to get stuff is CraigsList because you know what they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Using that phrase, I would say there's a lot of "treasure" on CraigsList right now, and a lot of it is free! There is almost always an overabundance of big and bulky items, and people post them because it's easier than carrying them to the trash. If you want a used couch with gross stains, look no further. However, there are some unique items that you may not expect to find. Mostly, there are a lot of free things that will make you shake your head. Here are some of my favorites that are available right now.

Have you ever set your alarm before going to bed and then realizing that you set it for PM instead of AM? You missed something essential and thought that you should really have a rooster instead. Roosters are much more reliable alarm clocks, and if you have one roaming your room, it would be loud enough to wake you up. You're in luck! There is a free rooster available now because someone in Meridian "ended up with too many roosters."

Miscellaneous Toy Pieces
Your kids lost the hexagon to their shape sorter. Their ball popper is missing the ball, and the children's workbench is missing its plastic screwdriver. I hope you didn't throw those things away because those three parts of unrelated toys are available now on the Boise CraisList for free! You're welcome!

Boston Calendars
We can all agree that 2020 sucks. Wouldn't it be great to relive 1995? Now you can! Not your 1995, but a random person's 1995 when you pick up their 29 calendars from 1987 to 2015! You can vicariously live through a total stranger's past and meet that person so you can find out if they married that person that they went out with on Valentine's Day 1988.

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