107.9 LITE-FM has secured your free tickets to some of the biggest concerts in the Treasure Valley, and all you have to do to win, is listen to LITE-FM.  We're talking about hard to get tickets to Maroon 5, Tony Bennett, James Taylor, and REO Speedwagon and Def Leppard.

To win, just make sure you're listening at 8:15a, 12:15p, and 4:15p while you work.  At each time, we'll give you a keyword for that day's tickets.  Grab all three keywords, and be ready to call to pick your ticket just after 4:15p.

Did you miss one of the words announced for LITE's Pick Your Ticket contest? Well don't worry. We're giving our LITE-FM VIP Club members a helping hand to win by posting the first two words we give out each day right here, so you have them ready to give us at 4:15 p.m. when we announce the final word and ask you to call 383-1079 and give us the full phrase to win and "pick your ticket."

Friday, March 25

8:15 a.m.:  Front
12:15 p.m.:  Row

Monday, March 28

8:15 a.m.:  Buy
12:15 p.m.:  Tickets

Tuesday, March 29

8:15 a.m.:  Perfect
12:15 p.m.:  Date

Wednesday, March 30

8:15 a.m.:  Adam
12:15 p.m.:  Looks

Thursday,  March 31

8:15 a.m.:  80's
12:15 p.m.:  Big

Friday, April 1

8:15 a.m.:  Pour
12:15 p.m.:  Some

Monday, April 4

8:15 a.m.:  Standing
12:15 p.m.:  Room

Tuesday, April 5

8:15 a.m.:  Buy
12:15 p.m.:  Souvenir

Wednesday, April 6

8:15 a.m.:  Boise
12:15 p.m.:  Music

Thursday, April 7

8:15 a.m.:  Ask
12:15 p.m.:  Me

Friday, April 8

8:15 a.m.:  Weekend
12:15 p.m.:  Is

Monday, April 11

8:15 a.m.:  Get
12:15 p.m.:  Me

Tuesday, April 12

8:15 a.m.:  Know
12:15 p.m.:  Every

Wednesday, April 13

8:15 a.m.:  Lost
12:15 p.m.:  My

Thursday, April 14

8:15 a.m.:  My
12:15 p.m.:  Favorite

Friday, April 15

8:15 a.m.:  Standing
12:15 p.m.:  Room

Monday, April 18

8:15 a.m.:  Tons
12:15 p.m.:  Of

Tuesday, April 19

8:15 a.m.:  I've
12:15 p.m.:  Gotta

Wednesday, April 20

8:15 a.m.:  Louder
12:15 p.m.:  Is

Monday, April 25

8:15 a.m.:  Make
12:15 p.m.:  Monday

Tuesday, April 26

8:15 a.m.:  Bought
12:15 p.m.:  The

Wednesday, April 27

8:15 a.m.:  Love
12:15 p.m.:  To

Since we love our LITE-FM VIP Club members so much, we're also giving you an exclusive second chance to win an "pick your ticket." Just click the date you want to enter for and put in the three words given on the air that day. You can enter the words for as many days as you'd like, and the more days you enter, the better your chance of winning will be.