Did you stay in bed, safe under your covers for as long as humanly possible today? We don't blame you! Not only is it Friday the 13th, it's Friday the 13th in what's already been an incredibly difficult and bizarre year. 

I laugh along with those who think superstitions about Friday the 13th are silly, but in all seriousness...I've got a reason to believe in them. I've ended up in needing emergency medical care on Friday the 13th not once but twice! The first time was in the 7th grade when I bit it riding my Razor scooter to Arby's to get a jamocha shake. I fractured my wrist in the fall, but did get my milkshake before heading to urgent care.

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The second time around, I'd been running with what was most likely an undiagnosed stress fracture in my ankle. The strategy was brace it in practice, run without the brace in meets and when I can't run anymore stop and take time to heal. The brace put undo stress on my other leg and I suffered a severe calf strain in the last lap of the 3200 at our league meet on Friday 13th...in my 13th meet of the season.

I think we're all a little nervous about what Friday the 13th in 2020 might hold for us and mother nature did not disappoint. She decided to shake things up at 4.3 magnitude quake at 3:54 a.m., making it one of the larger after shocks we've experienced since the 6.5 magnitude quake we experienced in March. The epicenter was 15 miles northwest of Stanley.

The here were several smaller quakes in the area over the last 24.


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