It’s a well-known fact. Boise has changed pretty drastically over the past decade. Many of us miss “the good old days” so traveling back in time to see what some of the fast food restaurants we have fond memories of used to look like is so much fun! 

If you were a ‘90s kid (or raised one for that matter) you can still picture EXACTLY what McDonald’s used to look like when you went there day after day trying to collect all of the Teenie Beanies. 


If you grew up in a Catholic family as we did, you may have looked forward to having Long John Silver’s on Friday nights during Lent. Your parents always thought you loved the fish, but the truth is that you were really more excited about the hush puppies. 

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You fondly remember you could actually sit down at Pizza Hut. You took so much pride in bringing in your full “Book It” badge to receive YOUR free personal pan pizza. And that soda you had on the side? It tasted so much better coming out of their iconic red cups. You didn’t even mind having to wait for a table, because there was a sit-down Pacman and Frogger machine in the lobby. 


Your memories are incredibly vivid, but a lot of these fast food brands have drastically changed their appearance in Boise or completely disappeared from the market over the last 15 years. 

Then and Now: Surprising Fast Food Restaurant Remodels in Boise

We understand that brands are always evolving! Heck, we've had some positive logo changes over the years ourselves! That doesn't make us miss these nostalgic looks any less!

If you thought these remodels were trippy, just wait until you see just how much Downtown Boise has changed!

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