You’re very familiar with the term “Christmas Creep,” right? It’s been around since the ‘80s when people started noticing Christmas decorations arriving in stores earlier and earlier each year. But how about “Halloween Creep?” Because we’re fairly sure that its happening NOW in the Treasure Valley! 

Between the day we told you that a Spirit Halloween store was moving into the defunct Kmart in Nampa and the time we sat down to write this article, that store has officially opened for the season. So have two other locations in Boise and Meridian. Halloween candy has started appearing in grocery stores. People are counting down to the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte at area Starbucks stores. If you believe a leak of the coffee chain’s fall menu, that could happen around August 29. 

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Spooky season is definitely creeping up on us and the latest puzzle piece stilted into place last week. The Lowe Family Farmstead, which has been recognized by Jimmy Fallon and USA Today’s 10 Best Awards, has unveiled their maze design for 2023! 

Orange corn maze sign with directional arrow

This year, they chose the theme “Land That I Love” as the theme that stirs up all sorts of memories for kids who grew up on a farm and remember that special feeling they got when they put in hard work helping with things like plowing, planting and harvesting crops. It’s also meant to stir up the same feeling of pride Americans feel when they see a flag unfurled and think  about the good things we have in this country, even despite some of the challenges we’ve faced in the past and some we face today. 

The feedback they’ve received about this year’s choice has been wonderful and you’ll get your first chance to experience it when it opens for the fall season on September 16. To see this year’s design, take a walk down memory lane and see how the maze has evolved since 2001 to the 2023 design. This year’s design reminds us a bit of the one they did the year after 9-11. 

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