When it comes to hot temperatures, Boise’s coming off a record-setting summer. Could we be in for a repeat in 2023?

Last year, we asked people who weren’t born and raised in Boise what things shocked them about the city during the first 365 days they lived here. One of the top answers is “how hot it gets in the summer.” No kidding! Just look at some of these summer temperature records and factoids: 

Boise's Summer Weather Extremes

According to the National Weather Service, these are just a few of Boise's most oppressive and chilliest temperatures on record during meteorological summer.

How Accurate Was the Farmer’s Almanac in 2022?


Spring officially arrived at 3:24 p.m. on Monday, March 20. That’s cool and all, but the first day of spring was rainy, grey, cold yuck and the word “snow” was still in the forecast. We’re over it and very much looking forward to summer, which is a little over 90 days away. Although, it would be nicer if was just a smidge cooler than last year. 

In 2022, Boise set a new all-time record for the number of 100º+ days. When everything was all said and done, we saw 27 of those days. Did the Farmer’s Almanac see that coming? The answer is sort of. When they released their “Sizzling Summer Ahead” summer forecast map for the United States, they didn’t call label the Pacific Northwest “Sizzling,” “Scorching” or “Broiling Heat” like they did other parts of the country. They labeled us “very warm & dry.” 

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They nailed dry. During meteorological summer (June 1-August 31,) Boise only had eight days with measurable precipitation. A trace was detected on four other days. 

High temperatures in June were actually a little bit below normal, but in July (+4.4º) and August (+6.1º) they were above average. We’d hardly call a six-degree difference “scorching” or “broiling.” In fact, we probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between 90.7º and 96.8º if we weren’t looking at the thermometer. “Very Warm” feels appropriate. 

Overall? We think the Farmer’s Almanac Forecast for Boise last year was pretty accurate. 

What Does the Famer’s Almanac Predict for Boise’s Summer in 2023?

They’re calling this year’s forecast “Summer Sizzles Return.” New England is supposed to be scorching. The South is predicted to be oppressive. The Great Plains could be broiling. Texas and its neighboring states are supposed to be sweltering. The west is predicted to be sizzling.

But the Pacific Northwest? Not a lot going on. They say we should see average temperatures and dry conditions. 

That doesn’t sound so bad! What do “average” summer high temperatures for Boise look like? 

  • June: 81.4º
  • July: 92.7º
  • August: 90.7º

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