Crank up the A/C and grab some bottled water.  This week is going to be the hottest week of 2018! 

For the past two weeks, I've done nothing beside stare at the forecast to see how oppressively hot it's going to be on Saturday, August 4 when I ask 200 guests to stand in the heat at our outdoor wedding.  Apparently, my little sister who's coming down from Minnesota has been looking at it too, because she was asking about having water for my guests so no one ends up in the ER. Bless her heart.  Mother Nature seems to be cooperating since the high on Saturday is much cooler 89º!

BUT, before we get to the weekend, the Treasure Valley will experience the hottest temperatures of 2018. The National Weather Service has issued a Dangerous Heat Watch that's in effect from now until Tuesday evening.  According to the watch, temperatures in some parts of the Treasure Valley could reach 105º on Tuesday.

Dangerous Heat Watches are issued when there is a prolonged period of hot temperatures in the forecast.  Heat related illnesses become more common in these conditions and could be dangerous if left untreated.  The NWS suggests drinking plenty of fluids, staying in the A/C and out of the sun.  Make sure you check up on your neighbors and relatives.

Temperatures are supposed to drop back down into the mid 90s on Thursday.

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