A couple of weeks ago, we dug up all the restaurants that found their way onto Food Network thanks to hosts Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray. One of you suggested we do the same for the ones that appeared on Man v. Food. 

For those of you who need a refresher course, Man v. Food was a Travel Channel series where the host would explore restaurants known for large portions or unique foods, before taking on a potentially gut busting eating challenge at the end of the episode. Throughout the show's run, it's been hosted by two different people.

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Adam Richman hosted the series from 2008-2012. He eventually stepped aside from the gluttonous show to focus on his health which had been negatively impacted by the show. Following Man v. Food, he went on to host Man Finds Food and Secret Eats. 

After five year hiatus, the Travel Channel brought the show back with new host, Casey Webb in 2017. Eventually the show moved over to The Cooking Channel during Season Nine

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