One of our Facebook friends posted a photo of this incredible snow sculpture. We stared at the photo for a long time before we figured out where it appeared and who was responsible for it!

On Sunday morning, a post from our friend Linda R. stopped us dead in our tracks as we were scrolling through Facebook. She and her family made the trek up to McCall on what would've been the first weekend of Winter Carnival. If it weren't for COVID-19, it would've been Idaho's first chance to gawk at nearly 30 over the top snow sculptures scattered throughout the small resort town. Even with Winter Carnival canceled, her family stumbled across this incredible work of art at the Best Western Plus!

Through a little sleuthing on Facebook, we discovered that Sue McGrew, along with collaborators Steve and Erik, are responsible for this beautiful work of snow art. According to Sue's website, she's a sand artist originally hailing from Tacoma, WA. She was an integral part of Travel Channel's "Sand Masters" series and even helped set the 2014 Guinness World Record for Tallest Sand Castle in Rio de Janeiro. In addition to sand, she's quite creative with ice and snow as well!

The team of three sculpted the gear themed sculpture over the course of a few days that saw near record setting snowfall. By the time she posted the photos of their artwork, it was illuminated for those visiting McCall to marvel at.

McGrew and Crew's sculpture outside of Best Western isn't the only one mysteriously appeared over the weekend. Stacey Cakes carved out a cupcake in front of their bakery, calling it a trial run for the triumphant return of Winter Carnival in 2022.

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