When I was a kid, I was always told I was a fidgeter.  I had a hard time just sitting still. I still do today, but only because everyone all my life has told me to stop fidgeting.  Now a new non-funded study comes out that says sitting for long periods will kill you, even if you are fit and exercise daily.

A new report published in the "Annals of Internal Medicine", compiled from 47 separate studies, says sitting for long periods not may, but will effect your health, no matter how fit you are.

Here are the numbers.  If you don't work out and sit around all day you are 100% assured to die an early death from a preventable disease.  Now if you are fit and workout part time, but still sit for long periods, it drops to 30% for an early death. But what if you're really fit and do regular workouts?  You still have a 16% chance of kicking the bucket before you finish your list.

One of the biggest things was 90% of the people who sit at a job for long periods would develop type 2 diabetes, even if you try to stay fit, you only stand a 10% chance of not getting diabetes.

The problem with the studies are none of them address how long is long. (That's pretty much a problem with many things)  So if you do spend hours pretty much sitting and not doing much else, get up and move every 20-30 minutes.  Even if you bend, stretch and take a couple of laps around the cubicle farm, it will help taking an early trip to the daisy farm. So, fidget, often while you sit, take your chair for a spin, play desktop football, do whatever, stack some hay, just move.

(Disclaimer) Remember when doing any sort of physical activity, please consult a physician. Also wear proper attire, yoga pants for women a secluded area for men.

Now get up from your desks and be healthy.

Kevin Mee