I think we can all agree that the 80s produced some of the best workout songs of all time, right?

When I got my new iPhone X in November, I knew that the start of my marathon training program for the Lake Lowell Marathon was just a month away.  That meant I had to load the new phone with music that was going to help me power through those long runs.  Sure, Taylor Swift's Reputation album is my go to workout jam right now...but most of my favorite songs to run to are from the 80s! Don't Stop Believin', Livin' on a Prayer, Paradise City, Sweet Child O' Mine, Boys of Summer all made the cut!

If you love sweatin' to the 80s too and you're already getting bored of the new workout routine you kicked off at the beginning of the year, switch it up this weekend with an 80s Workout Party this Saturday, January 20!

Our friends at Lost Grove Brewing want you to break out that neon spandex, leg warmers and pull up your hair in a side pony for their "KegFit" workout. At this workout, you'll work on strength training with empty Lost Grove kegs, tighten your core and have fun belting out your favorite 80s songs as Richard Simmons's voice leads you through your journey from station to station.

The last station includes a free "Recover Beer" as a reward for getting your sweat on!

Want to check it out? Click HERE for ticket information.

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