Bold colors and prints are about to find their way out of 80s videos and back into mainstream fashion, and we'll hear more 80s influences in music next year too.

There will be nothing subtle about 2020.

As the Zoereport puts it, the 80s "embodied a mindset of more is more."  There was no holding back, and that led to mixed patterns and textures, big hair, and colors that never seemed to match and yet strangely did.  All of that will be coming back in 2020.

80s-inspired clothing items for 2020:

-- bold leather pieces

-- tie-dyed satin tops

-- puff-sleeve party dresses

-- oversized blazers and jackets

-- floral prints

-- colorful geometric shapes and bold power patterns

-- old school denim

-- loafers

Billie Eilish Performs At The Greek Theatre
Scott Dudelson, Getty Images

We might have Billie Eilish to thank for some of that.  Nobody rocks an oversized blazer or tunic like Billie does, even though she skipped experiencing the 80s herself and was born in 2001.  She is a master of the vibe. There was a lot of freedom in fashion in the 80s and rule-breakers had a heyday.  Expect more of that in 2020.

In music, we may not see the full-on return of synthesizers, but more 80s-sounding guitar riffs could find their way into the mainstream.  Some Reddit readers think vintage rock sounds will have a bigger influence than they already do, and bands like Aerosmith, Poison, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, and The Cure will continue to have influence.

My 16-year old niece is collecting 80s vinyl right now and she says she has friends that are getting into 80s music too.  This is probably why retro songs are doing so well when the covers are good.  Weezer's cover of Toto's song "Africa" was a huge smash in the summer of 2018, and Kygo's remix of Whitney Houston singing the Steve Winwood song, "Higher Love" is big right now.   If it's not actual 80s songs that we're listening to in 2020, it might be covers and mash-ups that capture our attention.

We're planning to give you loads of concert tickets next year, plus gift cards so you can go stock up on 80s-inspired threads to wear to the shows.  Just download our mobile app to get ready.   2020 is going to be a fun year in so many ways.

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