If you ate ten buffalo chicken wings with bleu cheese dressing yesterday during the Big Game party, you'll need to do 150 minutes of stair climbing to burn it all off.  And the pepperoni pizza...well, that may take a little longer.  Yesterday was so much more fun!

Charles Platkin, PhD, MPH, is the editor of DietDetective.com and Executive Director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, and he's smarter than all of us when it comes to figuring out how long it will take to burn off some of the foods that we pigged out on yesterday during the Big Game.

Most of us aren't thinking about this stuff as we're lifting the food to our mouths, but if we want to attack the food we ate like Tom Brady attacks a nickel package, this may come in handy.

According to Platkin's study, this is the calorie cost of splurging and the exercises that we can do to neutralize all the cheese.

One slice of Pizza Hut Pan Pepperoni Lovers Pizza has 460 calories.  Three slices of that greatness will mean we have to run the length of 144 football fields at 5 mph to burn it off.  The eating part was so much faster.

handful of peanuts has 166 calories, and that means we need to offer up 41 minutes of cleaning the house to burn it off, which should be a slam dunk since it's probably still a mess after the party.  We can be thankful that our guests were too busy eating and spilling to keep the house tidy.

Each 12-ounce bottle of beer has about 145 calories, and putting back four of them would lead to 580 calories. To burn it off, we'll need to do the Wave 2,828 times.  That might feel weird at the office today, so a half an hour on the treadmill might also suffice.

One Dorito has about 12 calories, so a couple of handfuls can quickly add up to 250 calories or more.  Eight minutes of push-ups, sit-ups, jumping jacks, sprints will help us burn it off.

Ten Buffalo wings with Bleu Cheese dressing will mean 150 minutes of climbing stairs.  Wings are fried and high in calories, and the blue cheese dressing is the addition that can really put us over the top and make us miserable.  Ten chicken wings at 95 calories each will add up to 950 calories and one small cup of blue cheese dipping sauce has 460 calories.  It's way more fun to live in denial.

All of those people who called in sick today must be on the treadmill right now trying to burn a calorie.  The rest of us will be taking the stairs til Friday.

Is your office break room full of leftovers today?  Ours too!  We can stop there for a little more fuel before we hit those stairs.

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