Drinking out of a keg might not be all that friendly to the waistline, but if you're lifting the keg and tossing it around, it can totally tone you up.

Keg training is becoming more popular, and some Boise athletes are hopping on board with 45-minute, keg-centered workouts.  

I've noticed when I'm working out with friends or taking a class that's part social event and part workout routine, the time flies by so fast!  Exercising with a group gets me out of my head and makes the workout feel less like exercise.  Boise's KegFit group works out together, and sometimes they go out for a beer afterward.  Even better!

KegFit moved its workouts to UpCycle Boise on 8th Street last weekend after meeting at Powderhaus Brewing Company since 2014.   Boise Weekly says they're doing 30 minutes of a spin class, and then two rounds of KegFit, and then they walk to White Dog Brewing Company for a beer after.

So what is KegFit exactly?  They're using empty kegs for cardio, ab workouts, and push-ups, all in 45 second intervals.  Breaks are built in, but intensity in short bursts is the philosophy, and kegs provide the right weight and shape to whip the muscles into shape.  And instead of a protein shake afterward, these athletes get to go out for a hard-earned recovery beer.  Cool!  Maybe we can also start an ice cream machine lifting workout program, and go out for some hot fudge after.

The KegFit movement helps local breweries earn some business, it builds community and networking opportunities, and it sounds darned fun.  Another way Boise is creative and awesome.

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