We all have seen the devastating pictures and videos being shared from the wild fires in California. Having had an evacuation notice put on my door before due to wild fires it is a hard thing to deal with. That's why it makes me so happy to tell you that all 325 Dutch Bros. locations will be collecting donations and then matching contributions up to $150,000.

This was the exact message that was posted on the Dutch Bros Facebook page this morning.

Beginning Tuesday, Nov. 13 through Monday, Nov. 19, all Dutch Bros locations will join together to raise funds for California wildfire relief efforts. Each of Dutch Bros’ 325+ stores will be offering customers the chance to make donations at the window. Dutch Bros will match donations up to $150,000 to three different organizations in Northern California. Together we can make a difference.

It's so easy to talk about the wild fires but it really is tremendous to see businesses stepping up to actually help out. If you're stopping for a beverage make sure to drop into a Dutch Bros location so you can help out.

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