It's crucial and it's advice that shouldn't be taken lightly. No matter your beliefs, no matter how long you two have been together and no matter your age, this one thing should absolutely be done before you even consider marriage. Do you know what it is? 

So many people assume it has to do with intimacy but it's actually not. It has a lot to do with tolerance.

If you are in the dating phase, you are still going through the fun stuff. You see each other when you want but still maintain independence (to some extent). You control how you look in front of each other and it's typically your best foot forward.

Want to know each other's "little things"? I'm talking like what you really look like in the morning, what you do when there is awkward silence, what you do in stressful situations, what you do when you panic, what you do when you're tired and whether or not you're  high maintenance.

Take a road trip. Take it in a car or a plane but make sure it is for about 10 days. If you do five days, you can keep up appearances. The 10 day is one where you work your way through the high energy phase and grow to be a little bit more comfortable being you.

I took a road trip with my (now) husband and when we got to our destination, his parents were there. To this day, they stand by the fact that they knew we would get married because we traveled well together and my husband wasn't complaining about what I was like in the car or how annoying I was.

Score one for me. Boom!

I don't get as irritated about things like that. I choose other things to focus why it seems impossible to pick up socks off the floor.