This morning Boomer held this dejected pose for about three minutes before I took this picture.  He was extremely disgruntled because of a couple of things.  He had just been told he would not be participating in "Take Your Dog to Work Day," which apparently he'd been looking forward to attending.  The mashed tail and the frowny face are because the two canines we are dogsitting broke the "K9 Rules" of the house and not only ate first but didn't leave any for him.  Boomer had stood graciously by as the two visiting dogs gleefully crunched away on "his" kibble and then was heartbroken to find the dish empty.  In our house there is a definite pecking order as to who eats first and each dog always leave a little bit in the bowl for the next guy.

Boomer's tail went up and his smile returned after I refilled the dog bowl.  As far as next year's "Take Your Dog to Work Day" we are still negotiating that one.

Let us know in the comment section below if you took your dog to work today and if you did how'd it go?