Is it me or have the drivers in Boise gotten a lot worse since lockdowns and quarantines began?  In the time that Governor Little announced the expiration of the stay at home order, I have personally witnessed two car accidents.  In the 43 years of my life, I can recall witnessing fewer than ten such accidents prior to May 1, 2020.  Is it possible that people are out of practice?  Could it be that we have forgotten how to drive or the rules of the road?  Both of the accidents that I witnessed were caused by distracted drivers.  Maybe they both forgot that you are no longer allowed to text and drive.

I think that once someone’s test for COVID-19 comes back negative, they should have to re-take their driving test.  The speed of drivers has increased, while the skills of drivers have diminished.  Maybe before we venture out, we should play a NASCAR game on the PlayStation just to make sure that we remember how to drive down Fairview.

For Christmas, I want a T-Shirt that says, “I Survived Boise 2020,” followed by a listing of the events that have already occurred so far this year: The Potato Drop, the Las Vegas Bowl, the Coronavirus, the economic downturn, the toilet paper shortage, the earthquake, the Presidential election… and post-lockdown drivers.  If you want one too, maybe we could get a group deal!

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