Just a few months ago, the potential for flooding along the Boise Greenbelt was likely and damage along the path had closed it.  Now, repair on the final sections is about to begin.

The discussion about flooding dominated the news and our websites during spring, but fortunately, waters receded before the worst-case scenario became a reality.  Unfortunately, there was damage sustained, though again, compared to what might have been, it was far better than expected.

As the Greenbelt opened and river recreation returned, there were still five locations along the path that needed repair.  That project was put to bids a few months ago, and now, we have more information about when repairs will commence for the final sections.

Officials report that minor repairs are underway now, and other larger projects will start in the next few months.  They estimate less than one half mile of Greenbelt is open.  The two highest priority repair areas are underneath the East Parkcenter Bridge and Veterans Memorial Parkway.  Both of those repairs require lower water levels to complete.

The latest estimates on cost are above the $1.4 million Boise has already set aside.

For more on the background and further detail on the repair, check out KTVB Newschannel 7.

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