Corey Feldman's made no apologies about his out-of-left-field Today Show performances...until now.

Feldman, who emerged from seeming obscurity in September to deliver a rendition of his original "Go 4 It," returned to the show for an encore yesterday (October 13) with a new tune called "Take a Stand." Predictably, it was a little bizarre, but the real trouble came when Feldman haphazardly tossed an American flag to the ground, a move that unsurprisingly did not go over well with many Twitter users.

Feldman's since recognized the error in a statement to People as callous, but unintentional.

"We were excited and grateful to be asked to return to The Today Showbut there wasn’t much time to prepare," Feldman wrote. "We scrambled to find an American flag to use as a patriotic symbol at the last minute and with no rehearsal."

"Once I was on stage, my brain reverted to my choreography, which was to throw my hands up in the air with a peace sign," he continued. "As a dancer, my instinct is to drop anything in my hands. In that live moment, it came off as wrong and for that I’m deeply sorry. It was the exact opposite of my intention."

Feldman also explained that he performs "Take a Stand" in honor of his country, and that he's "not letting the bullies get to us…This song is for America."

What do you make of Feldman's reaction to his performance? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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