Not something you'd expect to see in the middle of a storm driving around the downtown Boise area is it?


Well, it didn't happen in downtown Boise.  We crazy here in Idaho but I'm not sure if we that crazy!  This story fits right in to Rick and Carly's White Trash Wednesday.  This guy's buddies duct taped him to a stop sign and then bailed, leaving him to the mercy of whoever happened to drive by.


It all went down yesterday afternoon in Houston, Texas.  So why did they tape him up to a stop sign in the middle of rush hour traffic?  I guess they had some kind of bet on the Rockets / Warriors NBA game and this teenage kid obviously lost.


The guy's name is Miguel Chavez and by the time the Houston Police Department showed up there was another man approaching with a knife.  It's not what you think.  It was one of Chavez' friends trying to cut him down.  The cops helped cut him down, lectured the two teenagers and then gave them a ride home.

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