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it's something I look forward to drinking every single day. Normally, that means it's not good for me because it's fun. Turns out, I'm so wrong. This caffeine addiction has major benefits for us!


Drinking coffee in the morning and as an afternoon pick-me-up is making us great people. A bunch of studies have been done on this subject. I'm talking legit studies. We're talkin' Harvard School of Public Health, American Chemical Society, scientists at the Medical University in Austria and the National Institute of Health.


So, what are these benefits?

  1. You'll live longer. After a 24 year study of 130,000 coffee drinkers, it was discovered that the side effects of drinking coffee were nothing to be worried about. Later added: Grabbing that favorite cup of coffee could put you on the longevity track.
  2. You're a better athlete. Okay, sure, this doesn't apply to me but if I did try to be an athlete, I could be good. Coffee increases the number of fatty acids in your bloodstream that makes it easy for your muscles to absorb and burn fat which turns into energy.
  3. You'll lose weight more easily. It all starts with coffee beans. There's an extract in green coffee beans (pre-roasted beans) that has been found to significantly help the weight-loss process.
  4. You've got a great mind and great body. We've all said it (mostly joking) that we need coffee to turn us human. It's kind of true. Coffee drinkers limit their risk of Type-2 Diabetes. If you drink four or more cups (yep, I do), you'll reduce your chances of Type-2 Diabetes by more than 50%. There are also discussions of reduced chance of skin cancer in women and lower risk of Alzheimer's and dementia later in life.
  5. You are a smarty pants. Your morning energy boost opens up your brain allowing your short-term memory to be on point. Also, that brain power you're now experiencing... it makes you more efficient and focused.
  6. You're happier. Plain and simple. Coffee has antioxidants that make you feel good. That delicious cup of goodness just made you 10% less likely to suffer from depression.


Anyone for a coffee break?


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