If we're going by Governor Little's "Stay Home" order, we're only on Day 3 of 21 and boredom is really setting in. 

A month ago, it was really hard for us to wrap our minds around the idea of staying and home for an extended period. As the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the Gem State climbs, it's becoming our new reality and we're trying to find ways to keep ourselves entertained. I fully admit to writing this as I'm watching my fourth episode of Tiger King tonight, so clearly I'm not finding many productive ways to fill my this extra time.

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That's why I'm so glad that I stumbled across a college friend's Instagram story that she called "Click to Clean." The concept was simple. Take a picture of a messy area of your house. Clean the area. Take an after picture. Post the first photo to your story with a clever caption asking people to click to clean-up your mess. Post the second photo with a fun caption thanking your e-friends for their help.

Maybe it's because I'm so hard up for entertainment right now, but clicking through her story had me laughing out loud. It was such a fun idea to try during isolation and far more productive than watching Joe Exotic and his big cats, so I decided to make my own to share with you so that you can give it a shot while you're cleaning up this weekend!


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