It’s really a shame that only ONE made-for-TV Christmas movie was shot in Idaho. We think Hallmark Channel, GAC and Lifetime are missing out on an opportunity to use picturesque towns that look like they were created as a set! 

Years ago, there were social media reports that Wonder Years star and Hallmark movie legend, Danica McKellar, was shooting a Hallmark movie in Northern Idaho. She allegedly dined at Backcountry Cafe in Kellogg while scouting locations for a movie titled Love in Smelterville. It turned out to be a very well-thought-out hoax. But anyone who lives, eats and sleeps Hallmark Christmas movies knows that McKellar broke up with Hallmark to act in and produce four movies for the rival network, GAC before these rumors started to circulate. 

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Somewhat ironically, GAC is the network that aired the only Christmas movie shot in Idaho. A Match Made at Christmas featured scenes shot at Collective Kitchen, Blackwell Hotel, Castaway Fly Fishing Shop and Fort Sherman in Coeur d’Alene, plus the Jacklin Arts & Cultural Center in Post Falls.

Holiday Christmas tree in the Meridian Idaho Plaza
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CDA’s currently in the running for the title of Best Public Lights Display in America, so it shouldn’t stun you that they made the list of the most charming Christmas towns in the state.

If you’re reading this from Boise, that might seem like quite the trip to make during one of the busiest times of the year. Don’t worry, several cities near Boise made the list too. Take a peek at these destinations and what makes them an unforgettable place to celebrate the holidays! 

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