Let's be honest. Your kids are just as excited about this weekend being the opening weekend of Frozen 2 as they are about Santa visiting them in just a few short weeks. You've got an opportunity to see your kids' faces light up while giving back to Treasure Valley kids who really could use some extra love during the holiday season.

You may remember our friend Nicole from when she co-hosted a morning show at one of our sister stations. She's a super mom who's children entered the family through the adoption. Her oldest son entered the foster care system just before he turned two and bounced around from home to home until she and her husband gave him a forever home on his sixth birthday.  His story is part of why she's been such a big advocate for kids in the foster care system and their caretakers.

It's also part of the reason she's part of an incredible non-profit organization called "Boise Angels." Part of their mission is working with foster families to help provide some thoughtful gifts and resources through their Love Box program to help foster parents develop a meaningful relationship with these kids coming into their homes. A lot of times, these kids are taken from their homes because of neglect, abandonment or some form of abuse which can lead to them experiencing a higher level of PTSD than combat veterans. Knowing their foster parents and friends from Boise Angels legitimately care about their well being, interest and dreams goes a long way for these kids.

On Saturday, November 23, you've got the opportunity to help Boise Angels build even more of their Love Boxes and further their Dare to Dream program that helps foster kids realize their post high school potential...just by bringing your own kids to meet their favorite Ice Princess and Ice Queen at their "Mad Mac" gives back event.

During the event at Mad Mac, your kids can decorate their own cookies, play games and win prizes before stuffing their faces with macaroni and cheese. The event runs from 12-3 p.m. and the Ice Sisters from Capes & Crowns will be there for free photos from 1-3 p.m.

20% of ALL proceeds from Mad Mac's sales all day will benefit the work Boise Angels does for foster kids in the Treasure Valley.

For more on the role Boise Angels plays in the lives of foster kids and families in the Treasure Valley, click HERE. Just a heads up, you may want to grab a tissue before watching the video of the impact a Love Box could have on just one teen girl. It's really powerful.

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