As many of us enter day three of our new reality, you're starting to see people's wicked creativity come out! We're so proud to help power this fun idea that our friends at Capes & Crowns is launching. 

UPDATE: Tuesday, March 24 - Your favorite Ice Sisters are up next! Check out their Facebook Live Story Time by clicking the link for the Capes and Crowns Facebook link in the article below. 

How many of your kids are little bookworms who look forward to their time their class spends hearing stories from the school librarian? If that's one of the things they'll miss the most during this extended Spring Break, bookmark the Capes & Crowns Facebook page! Over the next few weeks, their characters will do a virtual story time to help ease cabin fever. It should hopefully give you parents working from home a few quiet moments to get your work tasks done!

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In fact, their first virtual Story Time is coming up at 10 a.m. this morning. They appropriately kick it off with a character known for always having her nose in a book, Beauty Princess!

To help keep their customers and staff healthy, the company is one of many following they CDC's recommendations to help curb the spread of COVID-19 and will not be attending any bookings in March or taking new event bookings until mid-April.

They will however continue offering their video messaging service where one of their characters will record a custom video for your kids. For more on having a video created for your kids, click HERE. 

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