A week ago, Auburn Football Coach Bryan Harsin was hit with a tsunami of allegations from personal to professional. Every pundit that covers college football predicted that Harsin would be fired after only fourteen months on the job. Several multiple media reports say that Harsin will be retained as Auburn's football coach.  

The Players in the Rise and Fall of Bryan Harsin

A look at the kingmakers in the big-time world of College Football in SEC.

In the past we have documented the roller coaster ride of the former Boise State coach here, here, here, and here. How Harsin survived this all-out assault on his character is a tribute to his resilience. Professionally Harsin has a long way to go to restore his professional credibility. He has lost an alarming number of players and coaches from his staff. His recruiting efforts have been an embarrassment compared to his peers in the SEC.


Harsin's Future

The coach has beaten the odds twice involving the power brokers on the Plains.  He must now decide if he will reach out to his biggest critics to build bridges or continue to go on his own way.  Harsin's team will be the most-watched team during this upcoming college football season.

Bryan Harsin's Tour of Coaching Jobs

A look at all of the stops on the coaching tour of Auburn Head Football Coach Bryan Harsin.

Boise State Football's Biggest Rivals

A look at some of Boise State Football's biggest rivals over the years.



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