Your boss is a total jerk. Your kids won't stop calling you to ask permission to go to their friends' house, and your check engine light that has been for the past six months started blinking today. This is not a good day.

Luckily, you live in Boise, and that means that there are things that you can do to improve your day that your friends in Salt Lake, Seattle, Portland, or anywhere else can't do to make them feel better.

Here are some of the things that I have found that make me feel better on a bad day that I couldn't do anywhere else.

Take A Stroll On The Greenbelt


There are lots of days that just getting outside for some fresh air, whether by yourself or with friends or co-workers, can really improve your mood. The greenbelt is a great way to do that and also see some nature. Of course, sometimes that nature can get in your way or even chase you. Yes, I'm talking about you, Canada Goose!

Go Fish

Extreme Therapy
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There aren't many cities where it would be super convenient to have a fishing rod in your car so that you could spend your lunch break fishing, but Boise is one of them.  I know several people that will fish the Boise River on a bad day and come back to the office once they've caught a few and feel like their luck has turned.

Get Ice Cream In Hyde Park

scoop of vanilla ice cream

I'm a sucker for ice cream, even in the winter. Not only is Goody's Soda Fountain a local favorite, but it's also in one of the coolest parts of Boise. If you feel like you need to work off the calories, Camel's Back park is right down the street, and you could do the stair climb!

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