When your kids get birthday presents there are thank you notes to send.  Is it okay to text a thanks?

I've always heard it's proper etiquette to mail a handwritten thank you note after receiving a gift, whether it's for graduation, a kid's birthday party, a wedding, or a baby shower. And I've always tried to practice that.  But now, since everything in the world has moved to our smart phones, can't we just text a thanks?  It's so much easier.

I sent some thank you texts over the weekend, and now I'm asking if it's okay to do it. Oh boy.  But I'm feeling relieved it's off my to-do list at least.  And everyone replied enthusiastically, with exclamation points and emojis and all the usual things that signal text love and acceptance.

There are huge advantages to texting a thanks.  First, it's super quick!  Handwritten notes through the mail take time to write, stamp, and make it through the mail process (which seems to get slower every day).  A text is instant, and gets there while people still remember that they were at the party and what they gave as a gift.  And it's easy to attach a picture, showing the gift in use.

Lots of people argue that handwritten notes through the mail are the only proper way to express gratitude.  What do you think?