Let's be honest. Last weekend was HOT and we'll back up in the 90ºs by Friday. What better way to cool down after a day after soaking up the sun at Lucky Peak than with the best ice cream in the Treasure Valley?!

In fact, the local ice cream shop taking the top spot on our list conveniently has one of their two locations located near Harris Ranch and you'll probably drive past it on your way home from the lake!

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There are so many delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt sports in the Treasure Valley to choose from but according to Yelp! these are the five best places for ice cream this summer!

5. C4 Creamery | 3037 S Cole Road, Boise

4. Kiwi Shake and Bake | 611 S 8th Street, Boise

3. Reed's Dairy | 10785 W Lake Hazel, Boise and 1735 West Chinden, Meridian

2. Goody's Soda Fountain & Candy Store | 1502 N 13th St

1. The STIL | 786 W. Broad, Boise and 3724 S. Eckert Rd, Boise

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