Being a groundhog has its perks: you can burrow underground, hide from whatever you want to whenever you want to, and you can stay warm, nice, and cozy underground. While this all sounds amazing, being a groundhog can come with some pressure… especially this time of year.

That’s exactly the case for a local legend, Zoo Boise resident, and famed groundhog ‘Boise Bill’. The pressure finally caught up to Boise Bill leading to the prestigious groundhog deciding to step back and not look for his shadow in 2022.

“Honestly, it’s a lot of stress having the whole world depend on you to predict the weather,” Boise Bill said in a statement on the Zoo Boise Facebook page.

“I needed to take a break.”

One can imagine what Boise Bill would go through every year with the immense pressure of the world on his furry little shoulders, but Boise Bill finally gets to step back and focus on other priorities.

“I’ve really been enjoying my time out of the spotlight and been focusing on Zoo Boise’s Conservation Fund,” Boise Bill wrote in his official statement.

According to Zoo Boise’s website, Zoo Boise’s Conservation Fund “supports the protection of wild animals in Idaho and around the world.” Zoo Boise’s website offers several experiences visitors can participate in that support the fund which helps animals all around the world. As Boise Bill wrote in his statement, he’s been enjoying the change of scenery and assisting the greater good.

“I have a beautiful corner office in my burrow and spend most of my day helping zoo staff come up with innovative ways to raise money to help protect animals all over the world.”

According to Zoo Boise’s website, Zoo Boise’s Conservation Fund has “now generated $3 million to date for the conservation of animals around the world.” Boise Bill is definitely doing his part but are there any other projects we can expect to see from the local legend?

“I’m also using my free time to figure out the age-old question, ‘How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?’” writes Boise Bill, “I expect my findings to be published in some very prestigious scientific journals.”

Here’s to your new journey, Boise Bill. While we hope you don't pull a Tom Brady on us, we would understand if this is your official retirement. May we hear from you sooner than later, old friend.

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