When you have kids, sometimes it's hard to find a babysitter so that you can experience a real restaurant once in a while. Eventually, all parents do the unthinkable and take the kids along for the dining out experience. Some places make it easier than others to dine in. You can't go somewhere too fancy, or you may find yourself being escorted out for being too loud or disruptive. Still, you really want to go somewhere besides the fast food joint down the road.

We understand, and that's why we've put together this guide to the top restaurants for Families with Children. This list is based on reviews from TripAdvisor. We've taken out all national chains but left the local chains.

#1 - Goodwood Barbeque Company
7849 W Spectrum Street
Multiple reviews talk about how much the kids love the food here and that they had a good time.

#2 - Goldy's Breakfast Bistro
108 S Capitol Blvd
Goldy's might be the most popular place of any kind on a Saturday morning, and kids love Goldy's as much as adults do.

#3 - The Basque Market
608 W Grove Street
Everyone loves the Basque Market for different reasons. You like it because of the atmosphere and its uniqueness. Your kids will love it because it's something completely different than they have ever experienced.

#4 - The Griddle
404 E Parkcenter
All the reviews for The Griddle talk about how great the food is. If you're looking for a good breakfast that you can bring the kids to, this should be on your list.

#5 - Casablanca Cuban Grill
5506 W Overland Road
'According to the reviews, you will love the authentic Cuban food here, and the kids will love the plantain.

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