Everyone I know drinks coffee. Let me rephrase that. Everyone I know is obsessed with coffee. It's an essential part of their morning and often throughout the day to keep them going. On the other hand, I am not a coffee drinker, but I desperately need to fit in, so when I'm asked to go for coffee, or I am meeting someone for coffee, I have to come up with a way to calm my social anxiety. The way I do that is by ordering hot chocolate. Sometimes I ask them not to write hot chocolate on my cup because I don't want the embarrassment of being called out for drinking something for children. But there are some places in the Treasure Valley where hot chocolate is more than a kids' drink. These are places that have perfected the art of the perfect cup of the warm winter drink. According to Google, these are the best places to get Hot Chocolate in Boise:

#1 - The Chocolat Bar
805 West Bannock Street, Boise
This place is different from the others because it isn't a coffee shop. It's a chocolate shop. This is where you can get artisan chocolate with high-end ingredients and a great hot chocolate. Reviews for The Chocolat Bar always talk about the over the top excellent service.

#2 - Mocha Moose Coffee
2596 North Bogus Basin Road, Boise
Mocha Moose's reviews' common themes are a friendly staff and a great vibe with its cabin atmosphere. While it's a coffee shop that gets great reviews for its brews, it's also a great place to get hot chocolate.

#3 - Goody's Soda Fountain
1502 North 13th Street, Boise
It's the busiest spot in Hyde Park. I've always driven past it thinking that it's probably a great spot for ice cream, but according to Google, it's a really great place for Hot Chocolate too!

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