Over the past eight years, Tinder has been one of the apps that changed modern dating as we knew it. With just the swipe of a finger, you could meet Mr. Right...who's just miles away from you. 

When I hear my single friends talk about their experiences on dating apps, I become even more grateful for my husband. I was a step away from diving into that arena when we started dating. I'm thankful that we met in person because we both happen to cheer for a crappy football team (the Cleveland Browns) and had mutual friends that could vouch for his character. By running in the same circles, we got to know each other over a few years before we started dating. I had a pretty good idea of who he was by the time our first date happened.

I don't know if I could have ever met up with a complete stranger from a dating app for that first date. I'm not that bold. In fact, I'll admit to being a little paranoid. I could probably chat with someone new over an app, but I doubt I could ever work up enough nerve to meet that guy in person.

Deep down I believe that most people are good, but sometimes they're not. Do you know what you'd do if you ended up in a situation with someone who's not such a good person...in a dangerous way? Well, the app that you may have met them on is taking a little responsibility for safety in those situations.

According to Bustle, on January 28, Tinder users in Boise will gain access to a new "panic button" feature inside the app.  It's a partnership with a safety platform called Noonlight. Before you leave to meet your Tinder match in person, you can enter the important who, where and when details about your date. When you leave for the date, it begins tracking your location in real time. Should you feel in danger you can hit the panic button and someone at Noonlight will immediately get in touch with police.

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